ubiPCMM07: 3rd International Workshop on Personalized Context Modeling and Management for UbiComp Applications

A Workshop in conjunction with UbiComp2007, the 9th International Conference on Ubiquitous Computing
 September 16, 2007, Innsbruck, Austria

o Seiie Jang,
                        Nagoya Univ, Japan
o Kenji Mase,
                        Nagoya Univ, Japan
o Kurt Partridge
                                       PARC, USA

Program Committee

o Kaori Fujinami
        Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture &
                          Technology, Japan
o John Krumm,
               Microsoft Research, USA
o Kristof van Laerhoven,
                  TU Darmstadt, Germany
o Sang-Goog Lee,
                    Catholic Univ,    Korea
o Woontack Woo,
                                      GIST, Korea

Important Dates
o Submission Deadline (Extended):
       June 1st  ->  June 10th, 2007
o Acceptance Notification:
                           July 1, 2007
Final Version:
                           July 14, 2007

o Workshop:
                           September 16, 2007

o [May 25] Paper submission system is open.
o [May 17] All selected papers of ubiPCMM07 will be published in the adjunct proceedings of ubiComp07.
o [May 04] Avoiding a potential overlap between LoCA and ubiPCMM, we ask you not to submit your paper to both.  





Workshop Overview
There is growing interest in the development of personalized context-aware applications for multi-user scenarios in ubiquitous computing (ubiComp) environments where a user’s personalized service is harmonized with one another without any conflicts among users, devices, services, etc. The applications need to support seamless integration and interaction for mobile users in heterogeneous environments through the various emerging concept of sensing, processing, context modeling and management. However, for achieving such seamless, harmonious, personalized services in ubiComp environments, we first have to solve the challenges associated with user-centric context modeling and group context management that include context representation, integration, reasoning, and conflict resolution in distributed heterogeneous environments.
  The ubiPCMM research community was launched with the first workshop- ubiPCMM05 in conduction with ubiComp05 in Japan. The main issue of this workshop was personalized context modeling and conflict-free context management. Personalized context modeling is about how to provide abstractions to foster context reuse and ease of programming, and support development of scalable, robust, reliable and usable context-aware ubiComp applications. The second ubiPCMM06 was again held in conjunction with ubiComp06 in USA. This workshop focused on personalized context models to seamlessly provide the adapted services along with user’s service environment changes. In addition, the workshop covered harmonious context management, which deals with resolves conflicts resulting from multi-user’s simultaneous service requests in the same space with limited resources. Finally, ubiPCMM06 fostered a discussion about real problems based on participants' field experiences with personalized-service-enabled environments. This discussion covered a variety of different perspectives on tangible research topics related to personalized context-aware applications.
  The ubiPCMM07, based on the result of previous workshops, will highlight the detection or activeness of the personalized service for user or group. This includes those issues of defining the boundary of personalized service and grouping the individual personalized service. It also covers how to recognize what is active among several personalized services. In addition, the workshop will actively investigate the state-of-the-art techniques, methodologies, framework for developing killer context-aware applications in ubiquitous computing environments.

Call For Papers
We invite researchers from academia and industry to submit their papers. The position papers are expected to contain a clear statement about personalized context modeling and management for seamless and harmonious services along with user's environment changes. The authors should clearly state their contribution and identify open challenges. Relevant topics include but are not limited to:

· Context modeling of a user and environment for a personalized service


o Definition of the boundary of personalized service
o Definition of conflict between personalized services
 Definition of the activeness or inactiveness of personalized service

· Context reasoning and management for a personalized service


o Detection of the active personalized service
o Detection and Resolution of conflicts among users and service resources
o Detection and Negotiation of disharmony between user and environment

·     Applications on personalized context modeling and management


o Everyday classroom/office/commuting environments
o Home appliance control and awareness
o Empirical studies on various application systems

Applicants will be asked to send papers to the web paper submission system . All  papers may be up to 6 pages in 2-column springer-verlag format (latex template ) and must be submitted in pdf (example) format.

Please email us, if you have any questions or if you would like to participate in the workshop.

 Last modified June 1, 2007